Working for yourself comes with a bunch of great benefits, like setting your own schedule and handpicking projects that fuel your passion. While freelancing or working remotely is definitely #goals for independent, hustling types who love autonomy, it can also get lonely sometimes. Read on for five tactics that have helped me break free from my antisocial self-employed slump. Arrange virtual coffees or happy hours to connect with people.

  • Learning how to make friends in a remote work environment is a good skill to learn.
  • If you’re looking for work to help you create a social life—for example, if you’re moving to a new city to start work after college—pay attention to the social opportunities when choosing a job.
  • Making friends as an adult can already be a bit tricky, and we often rely on an office for much of that post-school interaction.
  • Follow your coworkers on Twitter or Instagram or TikTok and interact with them, gently, letting them know you appreciate their presence.
  • For example, The Wing in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Just because you’re in the market for new friends doesn’t mean your colleagues are, Duffy says. Make an effort to meet your coworkers in person when you can.

Join a social slack channel—or create it.

It’s a good alternative to broadband connection in rural areas. It’s typically used in remote areas without internet or phone lines. Log in to your LinkedIn account and search for Social Networking + your interest, your profession, etc. in Groups in the search bar. You will find many business and social networking groups to choose from. how to make friends when you work from home is quite a handy app for planning events when you have established friends in your area. Working in a co-working environment can help you make friends because you are around other people with similar professional interests. Meet our team, then connect with us to see how our workplace innovations will work for you.

How do I feel less lonely working from home?

  1. Make plans. You might prefer sitting at home instead of commuting, but changing things won't hurt.
  2. Reach out. It's too easy to cut yourself off when working from home.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Coworking space.
  5. Get a pet.
  6. Connect online.
  7. Chat to coworkers.
  8. Meditate.

Think of having a Friday celebratory drink from home, while still having meaningful discussions with your teammates. To make it less awkward – because let’s face it, sometimes virtual calls are – you could consider planning a quiz or something similar that you can all play online. Now that you know why it’s important to have friends at work, all you need is to start forming connections with people at the office. Below, we offer some useful tips on how you can form meaningful relationships with your co-workers and start making friends. While not meeting in person can make it harder to get close, it isn’t impossible.

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